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PU Wireless Connect


1. When your wireless card/device is switched to on, typically, your laptop should automatically detect (pu_wlan) network and attempt a connection.

2. Open a web browser, you will be prompted to accept a security certificate from the network. Please click "Continue to this website (not recommended)".

3. On the left-hand side of screen, you will see a prompt of (Registered) for User Name and Password, please enter your "PU Portal Login account", then click "Login" to access PU wireless internet services.

Please note:For off-campus patrons, please go to 1F Reference Desk for more information.




【Basic Troubleshooting Information】
If you are unable to connect to the network, please go to 1F Reference Desk for help or refer to troubleshooting advice below.


1. Make sure your wireless card/device is switched to on and verify that your device can "see" pu-wlan wireless network.

2. Right click "Wireless Network Connection", then click "Properties".

3. Configure the TCP/IP settings of your laptop, please click "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)", then click  "Properties".

4. Click "Obtain IP / DNS automatically".



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