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General Rule


 General Rule of Luking Library


Last updated:03/31/2004

1. For admission to the Library, users should obey the followings:
  1.1 PU faculty, staff and students should have valid PU ID card ready for admittance.
  1.2 Visitors should have valid IDs (with photo)/passports ready in exchange for a Temporary Library Card for admittance. 
  1.3 For those who enter the Library with another person's ID or fake ID will be fined NT$1000.
  1.4 In the event of emergency, users should follow staff members' instructions for emergency escape.
2. Users of the Library should be appropriately attired.
3. Smoking, food, beverages, pets and illegal substances are not allowed in the Library.
4. Silence must be observed strictly in the Library. Users should conduct themselves properly in the Library to avoid disturbing other users.
5. Cell phones and other electronic or automatic alarm devices should be switched to silent mode before entering the Library. Users have to conduct cell phone calls in designated areas. 
6. Emergency exits and non-public spaces/areas are for emergency only. 
7. For appropriate use of Library materials and equipments, users should obey the followings:
  7.1 All loan services are subject to related circulation rules/policies.
  7.2 Materials held in Reference Room, Periodical Room, Rare Book and Music Appreciation Room are for in-library use only.
  7.3 Users must abide by copyright restrictions for Library materials use and will be held responsible for violations.
  7.4 Users must be held responsible for the replacement issues of damaged materials and equipments due to inappropriate use.
  7.5 Do not move Library facilities or equipments around.
  7.6 Do not occupy seats purposely in the Library.
  7.7 Do not leave personal belongings unattended, the Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen.
  7.8 All personal belongings should be taken with users when exiting the Library. The Library staff have the right to remove away all personal stuff left in the Library.
8. The Library provides access to computers for the purpose of conducting academic research, users should not download software and use the internet illegally. 
9. For those who illegally carry Library materials or property outside the Library will be fined NT$1000.
10. Failure to comply with General Rule may result in suspension of loan privileges for 30 days. For visitors who violate the rule will be prohibited from admission to the Library for 30 days. 

This rule and amendments thereof take effect after the approval of the Library Committee.



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