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Library Committee Policy


Library Committee Policy


Last updated:11/24/1999

1. The Library Committee is authorized to promote collection development and to review policies and procedures for Luking Library.
2. The Library Committee shall consist of the Director of the Library, one member of the teaching faculty from each department and two student representatives from each college. Faculty members and student representatives shall be elected each year. The term of office for committee members shall be 1 year and may be renewable. 
3. Library Committee Objectives:
  3.1 To consider the policies and services of the Library. 
  3.2 To advise or provide consultations on the development policy of the Library.
  3.3 To advise on the strategic operation of the Library.
  3.4 To advise on the allocation or execution of the library materials budget.
  3.5 To act as an advisory group for the University Librarians
4. The Library Committee will meet at least once per semester.

This policy and amendments thereof take effect after the approval of The Library Committee.




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