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Donation Policy


Donation Policy


Last updated:05/08/2009

1. This donation policy serves as a guideline to assist staff in managing the donation materials effectively.
2. The library appreciates donations of printed books, electronic books, journals, databases, and audio-visual materials.
3. This donation policy is based on the Collection Development Policy. The Library will not accept:
3.1 Outdated informational books, without references or academic value;
3.2 Materials which are in violation of copyright law;
3.3 Duplicate titles (except for popular books);
3.4 Books in poor condition;
3.5 Periodicals or newspapers of any kind (except for single out-of-print issues);
3.6 Media materials: cassettes or videos (except for those which are valuable and preservable);
3.7 What is not included in the collection development policy.
4. The library has the right to decide whether or not the donated material will be added to its collection, where it will be placed, and how it will be displayed.
5. Please provide the donor’s contact information. For any donation accepted for the library collection, the donor will receive a letter of acknowledgement, or be recognized on each donated item.

This policy and amendments thereof take effect after the approval of The Library Administration.




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