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Faculty/Staff Family Library Card

PU faculty and staff spouses and dependents card owners are admitted to the Library and have in-person borrowing privileges for books and audio-visual materials.
Service for: Providence University eligible faculty and staff parents, spouses and dependants aged over 12.
Service desk: 1F Circulation desk.
Service hours: Library hours (excluding weekends).
Requirements: 1.PU Faculty or Staff ID.
2.Valid ID of the family member.
3.An one-inch photo of the family member.
Guarantor: Faculty or staff should be family member's guarantor.
How to: 1. Please have above requirements ready and go to 1F Circulation Desk personally for card application.
  2. Return completed 「Library Card Application Form for Faculty and Staff Spouses & Dependentswith guarantor's signature.
  3. Processing time: 10 minutes.
Valid period: The card becomes invalid automatically as soon as the PU faculty / staff ID card expires.
Books borrowing privilege
Service Desk 1F Circulation Desk
 Item 5 volumes
Loan 30 days
Online Reservation 5 items
Renewal 1 time

Audio-visual materials borrowing privilege

Service Desk 2F e-Learning Center
Item In-Library use only
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  E-Resources Access Privileges
Contact: Collections and Circulation
Phone:11651 (Ext.)

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